Error Type 5:Server returning HTTP error


This error type applies only to URLs, not to other Internet devices.

If a Web server returns an HTTP error message in response to Red Alert's request for a URL, then Error Type 5 is reported to you, along with the HTTP status code and error message. Some common HTTP errors are:

  • 404 Not Found
  • 500 Internal Server Error
  • 503 Service Unavailable

Redirection responses (those with status codes in the 300's) are not treated as errors, but Red Alert will display a warning when you register a URL for which the server returns such a response, since you may also want to monitor the URL to which the redirection points.

If you have specified that a URL is password-protected but have chosen not to provide a username and password, then the response 401 Unauthorized is not treated as an error, since that is the normal behavior when a Web server receives an unauthorized request. However, if you have provided a username and password for the URL (see Password-Protected Device Monitoring), then that response is treated as an Error Type 5, since this probably indicates a problem in the server's authentication system. Finally, that response is also treated as an Error Type 5 if you have not specified that the URL is password-protected, since this probably means protection has been accidentally added to that URL.

All error conditions are triple-checked before notifications are sent to you.

How to Use

There is no way to deactivate monitoring for Error Type 5. To activate or deactivate notifications about this error type, follow the "Change Notification Options" link on your Account Summary Page.


If you are receiving notifications of Error Type 5 for a URL, but the error condition does not seem to apply, then the IP address of the Web server may have changed since you registered the URL with Red Alert. Simply follow the EDIT link for that URL on your Account Summary Page, and re-submit the form (no editing required). This will cause Red Alert to look up the server's new IP address. The IP address which Red Alert is currently using for a server appears in all email and pager notifications sent.