Device Status Code Series 600: Local Network Problem

Error Type 601:
Local Network Unreachable; Intermediate Network OK


If Keynote Red Alert is unsuccessful in opening a TCP connection to a secure device, and if ICMP has been selected, it attempts to ping the device. (Note: if ICMP is not selected, pinging the device is not attempted.) If the ping is unsuccessful, Keynote Red Alert will attempt to ping the Pingable Sibling Device selected. If this ping also fails, then Keynote Red Alert also attempts to ping the pre-selected Intermediate Network Gateways for this device. If pinging the Intermediate Network Gateways is successful, then Error Type 601 is reported to you.

In order for Keynote Red Alert to monitor for this error condition, you must select and input a "Pingable Sibling Device" by providing the IP address of a device on the same local network as the device to be monitored. This "sibling" device must be capable of responding to ping requests.


Error Type 601 means that, following an unsuccessful attempt to open a TCP connection to your device, attempts to ping your device and your Pingable Sibling Device were also unsuccessful; however, pinging your Intermediate Network Gateways was successful over at least one of Keynote Red Alert's networks.