Error Type 6:Device and gateway router both inaccessible


In order for Red Alert to monitor for this error condition, you must activate Gateway Router Monitoring by providing the IP address of the device's gateway router or switch.

If Red Alert cannot open a TCP connection to a device, it tries to ping the device. If the ping is unsuccessful as well, then Red Alert also tries to ping the gateway. If the gateway also fails to respond, then Error Type 6 is reported to you. (If the gateway does respond to ping, indicating that the device is inaccessible but the gateway is OK, then Error Type 1 is reported instead.)

NOTE: Some Internet devices reside behind firewalls which do not pass ping requests. Red Alert can monitor such a device, but the gateway router itself must normally be able to respond to ping.

All error conditions are triple-checked before notifications are sent to you.

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How to Use

See Gateway Router Monitoring for instructions on how to activate or deactivate monitoring for this error condition.

To activate or deactivate notifications about this error type, follow the "Change Notification Options" link on your Account Summary Page.