Device Status Code Series 700: Indeterminate Server / Local Network Problem

Error Type 701:
Device did not Respond; Intermediate Network OK


If Keynote Red Alert is unsuccessful in opening a TCP connection to a secure device, and if ICMP has been selected, it attempts to ping the device. (Note: if ICMP is not selected, pinging the device is not attempted.) If this ping fails, then Keynote Red Alert attempts to ping the pre-selected Intermediate Network Gateways for this device. If pinging these Intermediate Network Gateways is successful, then Error Type 701 is reported to you.

Note: Keynote Red Alert will only return this error condition if you have not selected and input a "Pingable Sibling Device".


Error Type 701 means that, following an unsuccessful attempt to open a TCP connection to your device, attempts to ping your device were also unsuccessful; however, pinging your Intermediate Network Gateways was successful over at least one of Keynote Red Alert's networks.