Follow Redirection

Follow Redirection is an Enhanced Service.

A Web server can be configured to return a special type of Web page containing an HTTP response called Redirection and a "destination" URL to which Web browsers are redirected. If a browser receives a Redirection page in response to a request for a certain URL, it then makes a new request for the given destination URL. For example, if a browser sends a request for
to your server, the server may respond with a Redirection page instructing the browser to send a request for
instead. The user sees only the contents of the second page.

If you activate the Follow Redirection option, Red Alert will monitor both of the Web pages in a Redirection sequence. Continuing with the above example, if you register
as a URL to be monitored using Follow Redirection, then upon every check of that URL, Red Alert will also check .
Note that the destination URL need not always be the same; Red Alert will check whichever destination URL is provided by the Redirection response each time. If a problem is detected, the error message contains the destination URL in addition to the URL that you actually registered for monitoring.

The Redirection destination URL may be password-protected. If this is the case, then when you activate Follow Redirection, you may choose to provide a username and password that will enable Red Alert to retrieve the contents of the protected Web page. If you choose not to provide a username and password, Red Alert will not be able to retrieve the page, so it will instead check to make sure that your server is responding with an authentication challenge.

For a monitored device with Follow Redirection activated, all content monitoring, such as Keyword Checking and File Size Checking, is performed upon the contents of the destination URL.

How to Use

When adding a new device for monitoring, you will be asked whether you wish to activate Follow Redirection for that device.

To activate or deactivate this service for an existing device, follow the Edit link for that device on your Account Summary page.