Notification Escalation

Notification Escalation is an Enhanced Service.

This service enables you to direct notifications to different people depending on how long a particular error condition has been in effect, or to suppress notifications altogether until a problem has lasted for a certain period of time.

Normally when Red Alert detects an error condition, notifications are sent immediately. But if this service is activated for a particular device, you may specify for each pager and email address how long the problem must persist before notifications are sent to it. For example, the technician on duty could be notified immediately, while the Chief Technical Officer could be paged only if the problem is still present after 60 minutes. Each pager or email address may have different escalation settings for each of the error conditions which Red Alert can detect.

How to Use

To activate this service for a device, follow the "Change Notification Options" link for that device's entry on your Account Summary Page. In the column labelled "Wait until error has persisted for...", select any option other than "Don't wait" for at least one pager or email address.

To deactivate this service, select "Don't wait" in that column for all pagers and email addresses, for all error types.