Notification Scheduling

Notification Scheduling is an Enhanced Service.

This service enables you to direct notifications to different people depending on who is on duty at the time when Red Alert detects an error condition. It also allows suppression of notifications during regularly scheduled outages such as nightly server backups.

Normally when Red Alert detects an error condition, notifications are sent to the appropriate pagers and email addresses no matter what the time of day or night. But if this service is activated, you may choose a range of times for each pager or email address during which it is to be notified of errors. The range may be different for each pager and email address, and also for each of the error conditions which Red Alert can detect.

How to Use

To activate this service for a device, follow the "Change Notification Options" link for that device's entry on your Account Summary Page. In the two columns labelled "...between the hours of...", select any time other than midnight for at least one pager or email address. NOTE: The times there are shown as 6 hours before Greenwich Mean Time, i.e. GMT-0600.

To deactivate this service, select midnight in those two columns for all pagers and email addresses, for all error types.