Error Notifications via Numeric Pager


When Red Alert detects an error condition, it can send a notification to your North American numeric pager. (Notifications can also be sent to North American alphanumeric pagers and to non-North American pagers.)

You may add any number of numeric pagers to your Red Alert account at no cost. There is a charge for each notification sent to a non-toll-free pager. For details, follow the "Rates" link at the top of any Red Alert page. Free Trial Accounts are limited to toll-free numeric pagers.

The pager's dialup system must accept one of these two dialing patterns:

  • If the pager has a PIN:
    Dial pager number, immediately enter PIN followed by "#", immediately enter numeric message followed by "#", hang up.
  • If the pager has no PIN:
    Dial pager number, immediately enter numeric message followed by "#", hang up.
Most major paging services offer dialup numbers which follow the above patterns. If you are not sure if your service conforms, try entering a pager message to yourself manually, using one of the patterns. Also, you may use the TEST link on your Account Summary Page at any time to verify that Red Alert can send notifications to your pager. If your pager's dialup number is answered by a system with a menu (e.g. "Press 1 to send a numeric message..."), ask your paging company for a dialup number which is used only for numeric paging.

Notification messages to numeric pagers consist of 10 digits:

Digit: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Meaning: Error

third field
of IP address
fourth field
of IP address

For example, the message 2001880255 indicates that Error Type 2 has been detected for a device with IP address .

(*) A message whose first three digits are 999 indicates that the device is OK again (i.e. the error has been fixed). For example, the message 9991880255 means that a device with IP address is no longer experiencing an error condition.

How to Use

Links on your Account Summary Page enable you to add, delete, and edit numeric pagers at any time. Follow the "Change Notification Options" link for each device to specify under which conditions each pager is to be notified. The default setting is for all pagers to be notified about all error types detected for all devices monitored.


If your pager is not receiving Red Alert's notifications, please dial its number and make sure that the system allows one of the above two dialing patterns. Enter a message to yourself manually, using the appropriate dialing pattern, to verify that the paging service and the pager are operating properly. At the same time, click the TEST link for that pager on your Account Summary Page. If you find that you are receiving your manually entered messages but not the test messages from Red Alert, please contact the Red Alert support staff.