Gateway Router Monitoring

Gateway Router Monitoring is an Enhanced Service.

This service enables Red Alert to distinguish between problems local to a device, and connectivity problems of a larger scope.

Normally, when Red Alert can neither open a connection to a device nor ping it, an Error Type 1 ("Device inaccessible") is reported to you. But if you have activated Gateway Router Monitoring, then Red Alert will also try to ping the gateway router which you have specified for that device. If that ping is unsuccessful as well, then you will instead receive an Error Type 6 ("Device and gateway router both inaccessible").

How to Use

To activate this service for a device, follow the EDIT link in that device's entry on your Account Summary Page, and enter the IP address of the device's gateway router or switch in the Gateway field.

To deactivate this service, follow the EDIT link in the device's entry on your Account Summary Page, and submit the editing form with an empty Gateway field.