Performance Tracker

Performance Tracker is an Enhanced Service.

Web transactions are usually intended to be carried out by humans. But by means of the Performance Tracker feature, you can have Keynote Red Alert repeatedly simulate the human process of following a multi-step transaction. Using our global agent infrastructure we can then track the performance of your transaction from 16 different cities and provide you with clear concise reporting on the performance of your web site or transactions. Some common transactions that you may want to monitor include multi-page e-commerce transactions as well as other interactive online applications. For example, you can use Keynote Red Alert to monitor a log-in page, enter an account name via a secure web form, check an account status for the page that is returned, and then follow a URL sequence of links through several more pages

Performance Tracker can test up to ten sequential pages in a single transaction processes. You can also select to monitor performance from the US 10 City group, Global 16 City group or pick the cities you want from a list of all 16 to get just the monitoring you want. Click Here for more details on Cities availaible.

How to Use

In order for you to set up monitoring of a transaction, you must first download and install the Keynote Recorder, which allows you to record the steps you would like for Keynote Red Alert to simulate. You may download the from the "Add Performance Tracker" page available from your online account.

Once downloaded, locate the "recorder.exe" file in the directory in which you saved it. Double-clicking the file will launch the installation program. Please follow the on-screen setup instructions to install the Keynote Recorder on your computer.

Once installed, the Keynote Recorder can be used to record, configure and upload a script for use in your Keynote Red Alert account. (For assistance in using the Keynote Recorder, please refer to the software's "Help" documentation.)

Once your script has been created and uploaded, it can then be selected from the list of available transactions when adding a Performance Tracker.