Password-Protected Device Monitoring

Password-Protected Device Monitoring is an Enhanced Service.

This service enables Red Alert to retrieve the contents of a Web page that is protected by basic realm authentication. (Basic realm authentication is the mechanism which causes browser software to prompt the user for a username and password, as when you logged in to your Red Alert Account Summary Page today.) Each time Red Alert checks your URL, it supplies your specified username and password to your server in order to access the contents of the page. If the server's authentication system stops accepting the username and password, you will be notified of an Error Type 5 ("Server returning HTTP error").

Note that you may use this service for any password-protected URL without actually providing a username and password. If you choose not to provide a username and password, Red Alert will be unable to retrieve the Web page itself, so instead it will monitor the "challenge" that your server sends when the URL is requested. In that case, any keyword that you provide must appear in that challenge, rather than in the Web page itself.

How to Use

To activate this service for a device, follow the EDIT link in that device's entry on your Account Summary Page, and enter the username and password in the appropriate fields.

To deactivate this service, follow the EDIT link in the device's entry on your Account Summary Page, and submit the editing form with empty Username and Password fields.