Monitoring Statistics Reports


At the end of each day, Red Alert sends a Monitoring Statistics Report to each of your account's email addresses that is configured to receive reports (see below). The report shows the accessibility rate for each monitored device, computed from the number of checks performed and number of errors detected during that day. Devices are listed from lowest to highest accessibility rate. The report also shows your account-wide average accessibility rate, as well as the average accessibility rate for all Red Alert customer accounts for that day.

Monitoring Statistics Reports enable you to

  • compare your overall daily performance to that of all Red Alert accounts
  • detect and quantify widespread outages on the Internet at large
  • quickly determine which monitored devices in your account were the most and least accessible
  • quickly determine when problems detected affect only specific devices you monitor, as opposed to ISP or backbone problems which are likely to affect all devices on a given subnet
  • enjoy the above advantages in a concise format, even if you monitor hundreds or thousands of devices

How to Use

Each email address's entry on your Account Summary page shows whether it is currently configured to receive these reports. Follow the Edit link for a particular address to change this setting.

If your account has a large number of devices monitored, then by default, the report shows only the 10 worst and 10 best performing devices. You can change this number via your Account Preferences page.