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Google Chooses MITE. Why You Should Too.

By Aaron Rudger | January 28, 2012

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In November of 2011, Google launched an important website, The site is key in the Google initiative to increase awareness of the mobile experience among small-to-medium sized businesses that may not have a mobile strategy in place.

The big attraction on the site is the GoMo Meter-- a tool in which visitors can submit the URL of their site and get high-level feedback on how well their site is suited to a mobile user. The GoMo meter also shows how the site would render on a mobile browser. Resources and recommendations are available for companies who in many cases learn that their mobile user experience isn't ready for prime time.

What was recently announced is that Keynote Mobile Interactive Testing Environment (MITE) is the engine that drives the GoMo Meter.

Mullen Advertising, the designers of the howtogomo website summed up why the Google team selected MITE:

“We selected Keynote,” said Ryan Harms, senior producer at Mullen Advertising, “because of the support of the Keynote team and their core software’s unique ability to address our business case in a cost-effective manner. Keynote’s mobile device emulation capabilities make the service highly scalable. We’re expecting traffic in the thousands of users every day. Because a solution relying on real mobile phones would have required us to physically add more phones to grow, we didn’t think that a hardware-based solution could scale quickly and easily enough to meet our needs. Keynote’s MITE software emulation approach is infinitely scalable; it’s very easy to spin up more software profiles. Finally, Keynote has been tested at an enterprise level and meets our quality standards.”

And while the GoMo meter is a good tool for creating awareness, users have only been given a taste of the mobile experience. MITE is designed to go much further. MITE is capable of rendering sites on over 2,000 mobile devices. MITE gives comprehensive recommendations of what users can do to improve their mobile sites. MITE lets users navigate interactively through a site, and play back scripted navigation through the site to automate interactive testing. MITE gives a waterfall of each site to analyze and see how site design is impacting performance.

Google has done a great job of exposing the mobile user experience to thousands who may not have had insight. On the path to mobility, once content owners see that their mobile experience needs an upgrade, the next step is to take action. That’s where MITE comes in. Downloading a copy of MITE (yes, it’s free) gives those who have chosen to Go-Mo(bile) an invaluable testing tool to take them to the next step. Keynote is happy that Google has selected us to be their “Go-to” partner in promoting a healthier mobile ecosystem.

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