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You’re Ready, We’re Ready for Testing on Android Lollipop! Keynote Supports Day One for the Latest Android OS

By Josh Galde | October 16, 2014

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The release of Google’s latest mobile operating system, Lollipop, is a big shake up both functionally and aesthetically. For developers, it’s another layer of permutations on top of the already crazily fragmented Android ecosystem.

But fear not. Keynote’s Mobile Testing solution provides direct, on-demand access to the largest library of real mobile devices on the planet, and it’s available today for testing and development on Lollipop.

Check out our recent blog post for further details, and if you are attending the StarWest conference come by the Keynote booth 32 and get the details in person.


As always, it’s our commitment to developers to offer the ability to test your apps immediately, using the real OS on real devices. Keynote also has devices available running the major earlier releases of Android, as well as tools to help you select a test pool of devices that will reflect the distribution of devices and OSs in your user base. We’re already supporting the recently announced iOS 8, for example.

The new directions for the Android OS and iOS share some broad themes: The continued evolution of “flat” visual design; increased integration with wearables; more robust and flexible notifications; and greater device-to-device continuity as users move from smartphone to tablet to laptop.

But the UI changes in Android Lollipop or version 5.0 — dubbed “material design” and described by Google as “a visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science”— are far more sweeping, more akin to the design overhaul from Apple’s iOS 6 to iOS 7. The card metaphor from Google Now has been expanded throughout the OS, and almost everything about the UI has been changed visually, with new colors, shadows, and animation throughout. Touches to the screen can trigger movement and ripple effects, giving users a heightened sense of control over the interface.

Android L Testing

As of today, you can test how your app looks and feels in the new ‘Material Design’ scheme. If you’re leveraging the new notification functionality, you can check to make sure it’s working the way you intend it to. Same for the new “recents” feature, or any of the other Android Lollipop functionality you’re incorporating. With Keynote, you can see exactly how your app will behave on a real device in a user’s hands, so there won’t be any bad surprises when they make the upgrade.

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