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Keynote Mobile Testing Announces Integration with SAP Mobile Secure to Streamline Development and Testing Processes

By Celeste Malia | October 22, 2015

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

SAP logoMore often than not, developers understand what’s important to users. They know that performance is key to maintaining a positive user experience (UX) and retaining clients. The challenge is developers are tasked with simultaneously  introducing apps with greater functionality in increasingly shorter timeframes - and they all need to work flawlessly upon deployment. With both enterprise and consumer apps subjected to high standards, integrated testing and development solutions are necessary to deliver the performance and user experience that consumers and organizations alike have come to expect.

In order to provide developers with the reliable, efficient testing and development solution they need to maintain performance, Keynote Mobile Testing has joined forces with SAP to offer a new, integrated testing solution for SAP customers. Co-developed with SAP, Keynote Mobile Testing will be integrated with SAP Mobile Secure to give users access to click-to-test features directly in SAP Mobile Secure. The integration allows developers to initiate and run functional tests on the industry’s largest interactive library of mobile devices in the Keynote DeviceAnywhere Cloud. This cloud-based integration will arm developers with the tools they need to create innovative applications, with functional testing,  enterprise development and deployment capabilities.

By integrating testing, development and deployment into the same environment, developers are able to have a seamless and efficient end-to-end development process.

As demand for mobile applications only continues to grow, it is critical that developers have access to the solutions they need to develop applications that will meet and even exceed performance standards. High-performing applications are more efficient, reliable, and appealing to users, and with Keynote Mobile Testing’s integration with SAP Mobile Secure, developing quality applications will be easier than ever.

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