Mobile Testing Support and Training

Support and Training for Keynote Mobile Testing

Get the most out of Keynote Mobile Testing. Get started with Tip & Tricks, watch a video, or take a deeper dive into product documentation. And, for customers, get access our support team.

Tips and Tricks

How to Acquire a Device
How to Create a Favorites List
How to Export Screenshots
How to Make a Phone Call
How to Send a Text Message
How to Adjust the Video Quality
How to Change the Orientation
How to Access the Log File
How to Share a Device with a Colleague
How to Clear the Device of Your Data

24x7 Support for Keynote Mobile Testing

24x7 Support

Need to file a ticket or report a bug? Found an issue with a device?

Keynote Mobile Testing customers get unlimited access to our support team giving them 24x7 online and phone support. The most extensive support in the industry today.

Product Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions asked by real Mobile Testing users.

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